Beijing AVEA International Education Technology Co. Ltd is the only authorised representative of Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA) in China.

AVEA is an international education management organisation specialising in alliances between China and Australia, and is a registered vocational education organisation in Australia. AVEA is based in Sydney. 

AVEA is a Representative of the prestigious Technical and Further Education  training organisation (TAFE NSW) and other selected Australian Universities. This representation gives access to an abundance of potential educational clients.

AVEA has alliances with  a number of important Chinese educational based organisations, such as The National Association of Vocational Education of China (NAVEC), The Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education (CSVTE) and China Education Association for Intenational Exchange (CEAIE) and includes a number of quality Universities amongst their client base. Such as Tsinghua university.

The alliances AVEA has developed between these important organisations in China and the Australian VET providers is a major acheivement.

AVEA has organised an educational based fact finding delegation to Australia for the prestigious State Council of China and is currently developing a delegation visit for the Education Department of China Whilst also working with groups of Chinese Vocational College principles to provide training and educational tours to Australia.

In developing these alliances the educational opportunities for students in both China and Australia are increased and provide career choices for their future.

AVEA, through it’s connections in both countries can organise delegation visits, joint course development and MOU agreements with the Australian VET sector.

Avea has successfully introduced the tsinghua University delegates to the Australian VET sector, that could see future educational development between both countries. This will provide new opportunities for both countries educational alliances.

The increase in Staff development programs and teaching method training has also seen AVEA coordinate the training and Study Tour programs for Chinese organisations to Australia.

AVEA works with the client base in China and the Australian organisation to develop relevant, quality programs that meet the needs of all parties. From short term Study Tours, Internships and Staff Development programs, to major accredited Joint Programs that give the student a dual qualification on graduation.

AVEA introduces to their clients in China and Australia a wide range of educational programs and opportunities.

AVEA also provides quality services in the areas of; accommodation, cultural experiences, short tours and experience packages that enhance all of the programs for their clients arriving in Australia.

AVEA is committed to providing consistently high quality and memorable learning experiences that offer good value and high standards of educational content in a safe, friendly environment. The following specialist programs also allow flexibility to change any aspect of the program, if required.

  • Study Tours
  • Business Management Short Courses Programs
  • Joint Pathway Programs
  • Study Internship Programs
  • Professional Development Programs for Trainers (TAE Certificate IV)
  • Sustainability and Greenskills Training
  • Offshore Partnerships
  • Special Interest Programs

Australia Vocational Educational Alliance is

your best assistant in achieving VET in Australia.

Technical And Further Education

In Australia, technical and further education (TAFE) institutes provide a wide range of predominantly vocational tertiary education courses.

Most VET courses are auspiced under the ASQA authority.

Areas of study available cover a wide range of subjects,trade areas and industry based skills. Including, business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology.

TAFE also supplies education and training in the “soft trades/sciences” such as Child Care, Aged Care, Environmental and Sustainability, Horticulture Design?Construction and Human Resource Development.

TAFE colleges are owned, operated and financed by the various state and territory governments.

This is in contrast to the university sector, whose funding is predominantly the domain of the federal government and whose universities are predominantly owned by the state governments or private companies.

Australia VET Sector

Vocational Education and Training (VET) enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace.

The providers of VET include technical and further education (TAFE) institutes, adult and community education providers and agricultural colleges, as well as private providers, community organisations, industry skill centres, and commercial and enterprise training providers. In addition, some universities and schools provide VET.

Vocational education and training is provided through a network of eight state and territory governments and the Australian Government, along with industry, public and private training providers. These organisations work together to provide nationally consistent training across Australia.

The VET sector is crucial to the Australian economy; both for the development of the national workforce and as a major export industry.

The VET (TAFE) sector in Australia has an advantage over other registered Training Organisations (RTO) and other countries, in that all teaching staff are Industry trained and qualified with a minimum five years industry experience. This adds to the skills and relevance of the teaching delivered to students and further cements the relevance of the training and linkage to the needs of industry.

All VET training programs are validated by the Australian Qualiaty Training Authority (ASQA) providing a national Standard and national qualification recognition.

National qualification recognition gives a graduate the added bonus of having their qualification and training recognised throughout Australia and through aligned countries.

VET linkages between China and Australia

Australia has developed an effective, industry-led national VET system which is internationally recognised and well placed to respond to Australia’s strong economic performance and changing demographics. China is also experiencing strong economic growth and substantial demographic change. This growth and change provides substantial challenges to the Chinese VET system. Many of these challenges are similar to those facing Australia, although the scope and size may differ. Therefore, the reforms that both countries need to put in place to meet the challenges are similar. A 2005 study on the promotion of the Australian VET Framework in the PRC found that Australia currently is highly regarded for the structure and operation of its VET system, with elements directly relevant to the Chinese context and needs . China, therefore, has developed a keen interest and good understanding of Australia’s VET system and its modern reforms.

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