International Certification is released!|Chinese teachers have been awarded the TAE/IST International Teacher Vocational Qualification Certificate; Chinese colleges have entered the world vocational education circle!

 Great news!

35 Participating Teachers

Obtained the TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

36 Participating Teachers

Obtained the IST International Trainer qualification certificate

16 Participating Teachers

Obtained the Qualification Certificate of IST International Appraiser

Congratulations to teachers who have obtained certificates!

TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

China-Australia TAFE education mode reform of vocational education cooperation project is the unified plan of the Beijing municipal education commission to guide teaching collaborative research institute, Beijing, Australia’s federal and government jointly promote the state of Victoria, Australia’s vocational education union overall coordination, Melbourne institute of technology cooperation, 11 higher vocational colleges in Beijing to participate in international cooperation projects. The project introduced the internationally renowned Australian Qualification Certificate — TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116), and carried out systematic vocational education general ability training for teachers. After assessment, a total of 35 participating teachers passed the certification and obtained the qualification certificates.

The Value and significance of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116,TAE Qualification Certificate for short),is the most basic and the most popular vocational education teacher certificate in Australia. It is a training package approved and implemented by The Australian National Quality Committee (NQC), which is under the national framework system.This certificate is mandatory for any teachers who wish to work in vocational education and training work. Beijing TAFE Education Mode Reform Project has effectively improved the teachers’ competency-based curriculum development, teaching and evaluation abilities through the 10th session of face-to-face training and 1-year distance guidance evaluation, ao as to lay an important foundation for the teaching and evaluation practice of TAFE courses for accounting and preschool education majors.

TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment(TAE40116)includes three modules: design module; evaluation module and teaching module. TAE40116 focuses on learning from The Australian TAFE education model and professional curriculum system, improving the curriculum design and development ability of vocational education teachers’ competency-based, evaluating the planning and implementation ability, and planning, organizing and implementing teaching ability.

IST Vocational Education International Teacher Qualification Certificate

TVET Trainer & TVET Assessor

Two sessions of “IST Vocational Education International Teacher Qualification Certificate Training” were held from April to May, 2020, respectively for IST TVET Trainer and TVET Assessor.

This training is an important measure for Beijing Municipal Commission of Education to introduce internationally renowned vocational qualification certificates. Under the coordination and support of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Australian Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA) collaborated with Melbourne Institute of Technology, made great efforts to build the new online and offline interactive teaching mode of IST for the first time, which contributed to the implementation of this training.

This is the first time for China to pass the online training of IST International Teacher Certificate courses. More than 50 participating teachers are also the first batch of international trainers and international appraisers in China who have obtained TVET Trainer & TVET Assessor courses.

 The prospective of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education

The successful training was strongly supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. It was based on the China-Australian Vocational Education Cooperation Beijing TAFE Education Mode Reform Project, and took this opportunity to further expand multi-level international exchanges and cooperation with the TAFE project cooperation school. As an authoritative international certificate, IST TVET Trainer & TVET Assessor certificate is conducive to enhancing the openness of training high-end technical skills and enhancing the international vision and professional level of teachers in vocational schools.

Uniqueness of IST Vocational Education International Teacher Qualification Certificate

  1. The world’s most recognized vocational qualification in vocational education;

  2. The only certified trainer and appraiser certificate for teachers in technical and vocational education with Australian federal government, international skills training agency qualifications;

  3. It is a necessary training to cultivate teachers’ teaching ability in the world, especially in asia-pacific countries and regions, is an internationally renowned vocational qualification certificate;
  4. The IST certificate is a prerequisite for Chinese teachers to teach Australian courses in China-Australian cooperative colleges.

 The Australian Vocational Education Alliance innovates the international training model


Review the whole training courses, AVEA made great efforts in international teams, met the outbreak of the crisis as an opportunity and launched “AVEA online learning platform”, fully allocated the resources, technology and teachers. For the first time, IST IVET trainer and assessor courses are implemented in China in the form of international distance mixed training by AVEA.

At the same time, AVEA is also the first and only IST international teacher certification training partner institution in China recognized by the Australian Federal Government.

Testimonials of Participating Teachers

After nearly a month of training learning finally give a perfect full stop the experience, I think this is a very memorable for my learning phase. The organizers of the head teacher gave us a lot of care and guidance and patience to answer us for learning all kinds of confusion, the prophase preparation is studied by using platform also makes it targeted at the back of the learning. This study increased our international vision and taught us some Australian standards and programs, which provided us with a lot of useful inspirations for our future training. The online learning and assessment in Australia was very convenient and the assessment was very careful. Teachers often stopped to answer questions raised by students in class. Thanks very much for the ITAC Vocational Education International Teacher Certification Training courses organized by the Australian Vocational Education Alliance, which gave me a wonderful learning experience worth recalling.


School of Art and Design,Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Technology Science

Dean of Department of Media & Associate professor

Lei Sun

I am honored to participate in IST training. The most profound experience is the experiential learning mode. Through a large number of practical operations, I realized the difference between vocational ability training and general knowledge learning mode. The trainers are very attentive. She comments on each assignment carefully and answers all the questions in time.Thanks to the training organizers and all the teachers, I hope more vocational teachers can participate in such a high-quality training course.

—Beijing Collegeof Social Administration  Ying Zhong

It is my great honor to participate in this IST course!During the epidemic period, I had an interactive discussion with trainers online through remote live broadcast, which deepened my understanding of the Vocational education system in Australia and enabled me to master a variety of new teaching methods, which brought me a lot of harvest and deep feelings.Looking forward to the opportunity to participate in this kind of training again

— Beijing College of Finance and Commerce Yi Wang

The training of IST IVET trainers and IVET assessors covers vocational training and the creation of teaching environment, course design and development, professional-competency-based teaching and evaluation, as well as the training of teaching and training with network technology. Trainers can timely adjust the teaching content according to our needs and questions, and fully mobilize our enthusiasm to participate in classroom activities.The organizer of the training provides perfect service by translating, organizing courses, coordinating and answering questions. Forty days of intense and substantial training, we also gain a lot of harvest.

  • The concept and practice of vocational education in Australia are worthy of our learning
  1. For students with weak writing and verbal ability, teachers can take observation, on-site operation and other methods for teaching and evaluation, while for students studying on the job, they can take videos, submit case analysis reports and other methods.
  2. In the process of vocational teaching, more attention should be paid to the cultivation of students’ vocational ability, and the cultivation of students’ technical application ability and operational ability should be taken as the central link of teaching.Teachers adopt different teaching and evaluation methods according to different characteristics of students on the basis of unified ability standards
  3. The teaching forms are diverse and the classroom atmosphere is active.
  4. Timely evaluation and feedback, attach importance to the training effect.
  5. Respect intellectual property rights, emphasize occupational safety, have clear occupational safety code, occupational safety education is integrated into every course.
  • The inspiration of this training

1. Further optimize the teacher-student relationship and highlight the principal position of students.Teachers need to have a deep insight into the trend and characteristics of vocational education development, establish an equal teacher-student relationship, establish a student-centered teaching philosophy, and truly make students become the subject and core of the classroom.

2.To be a good classroom designer.In the teaching process, students’ interest in learning is stimulated by means of scenario design, task-driven and cooperative exploration.

3.Establish an inclusive teaching philosophy that acknowledges and respects the differences in students’ abilities and levels. According to the specific needs of each learning individual, to provide personalized education and help for students, so that students in the teacher’s help and guidance to improve to have the corresponding vocational ability.

This participation enables me to have an in-depth understanding of the Australian teaching training and evaluation system, learn advanced educational concepts and teaching management methods, improve my innovation ability, expand my international vision, and facilitate the reform of education and teaching in my future work.

—Guangxi Economic and Trade Vocational Institute  Chaohua Chen

The Australian IST Vocational Education International Teacher Qualification Certificate international Assessor online training is over.Looking back at the three-week online course, I want to sum up my learning experience from an emotional and rational perspective.
First of all, it is new and novel to receive online overseas training for the first time.In the assessment process, the assessment objects are fair, just and humanized, both comprehensive and targeted. The establishment of assessment standards is scientific and provides warm care for different assessment objects.Therefore, in the assessment process, the appraiser should uphold fairness and justice and have a human concern for the assessment object. The appraiser should not only assess the assessment object through the assessment result, but also comprehensively assess the situation of skill mastery through the effective and real evidence provided by the assessment object.This assessment is more comprehensive and three-dimensional, I personally think is very good.
Secondly, from a rational point of view, this training brings me the inspiration of educational philosophy.In the future, my class needs to collect more evidence of students’ learning and assess their mastery of the skills, technologies and knowledge taught in the class.Classroom assessment is transformed into classroom assessment, which will lead me to think about the problems of classroom reform.
Third, if want to undertake such classroom reform, will let me to understand the enterprise industry jobs, technical requirements and standard of skill to master to the student, also can let me actively involved in the industry, especially in the development of the enterprise, as an insider to observe and investigate the requirement of the enterprise in the industry post ability, as well as their internal logical structure.
Finally, this set of evaluator template is worthy of our good study and internalization, into the ability of vocational education front-line teachers.
This training is just a beginning, just like learning has no end, the Australian vocational assessment system and standards are worth thinking about and applying.The final result should be reflected in the technical skills of our students, reflected in our teaching results.
Thank you for this training opportunity, thank you to the teachers of Melbourne Institute of Technology, thank you to the organizers, thank you to the school!

—Guangxi Economic and Trade Vocational Institute  Ying Luo

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