TVET International Vocational Education Staff | TVET CBT Blended Learning Program is Opened Successfully!

TVET International Vocational Education Staff



Shandong Rizhao Polytech Vocational College

Australian Vocational Education Alliance


Melbourne Institute of Technology

  Participation colleges at home and abroad:

Rizhao Polytech

Chongqing Vocational Institute of Tourism

Chongqing City Vocational College

Kashgar vocational technical institute

 Prakessomak Vocational And Technical College, Cambodia

Vientiane Provincial Institute of Technology, Laos

On September 16th, 2019, Australian Vocational Education Alliance and Rizhao Polytech has jointly set up China-Australia Teacher Development Centre. The two sides are committed to building the Center into an influential international exchange and interaction center together, based in Rizhao, serving Shandong province and facing the whole country and radiating to the international community, Rizhao Polytech will continuously improve its connotation construction quality and educational internationalization influence.

This training will give full play to the internationalization of China-Australia teacher development center platform and use Blended Learning training mode, colleges and universities staff at home and abroad come together, not only strengthen the participation to the international advanced vocational education idea and education teaching cognition, understanding and accurate grasp of thinking, enhance teachers’ teaching concept, level and ability, also through this platform to promote exchanges and mutual trust between the colleges and universities at home and abroad.

—Courses Arrangement—

August 17th, 2020-November 17, 2020

In the morning of August 17th, The TVET CBT Blended Learning Program Opening Ceremont cohosted by Rizhao Polytechnic and AVEA through the online form was opened successfully.

There are a lot of leaders including Xinguang Feng, Dean of Rizhao Polytechnic, JIayu Zhang, Member of the Party Committee and Director of Personnel Department, Lixiao Ding, Assistant to the dean, Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange, Qiang Yang, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs, Barry Guan,Director of AVEA, Timothy Gilbert, Vice-president of Melbourne Institute of Technology, Janice Matheson, Director of International Skills Training of Melbourne Institute of Technology, Robyn Guo, Project Director of AVEA, as well as 200 trainees from 6 participating colleges and universities at home and abroad participated in the opening ceremony.


Director of Australian Vocational Education Alliance

Barry Guan’s Speech

Director Guan firstly reviewed the history of China-Australian Teacher Development Center jointly established by Australian Vocational Education Alliance and Rizhao Polytechnic.  He pointed out that China and Australia teacher development center aimed to introduce the Australian curriculum, implementation based on teacher training and to develop the internationalization course of China-Australia vocational education cooperation, and took this opportunity to strengthen the construction of specialty construction, curriculum, teacher training, training mode, system construction, etc., formed in line with international standards of ability oriented education mode, finally realizes the Australian vocational education mode localization in China.


This training can be said to play the role of the “China-Australian Teacher Development Center” international platform, through the introduction of Australian courses, expand the international vision of teachers, improve teachers’ professional competence and international quality, and promote the international construction of the school’s teaching staff.


Dean of Rizhao Polytechnic

Xinguang Feng’s Speech


Dean Feng first welcomed all guests and trainees, then introduced the staff, students and majors of Rizhao Polytechnic in detail. He also pointed out that Rizhao Polytechnic is a typical representative of China’s vocational education and a miniature of China’s vocational education development. In 2019, it was selected as a high-level vocational college with Chinese characteristics.

Dean Feng also said that openness and cooperation are always the long-term guidance for the development of vocational education. Our college and the Australian Vocational Education Alliance have a solid foundation for cooperation and both sides have been continuously strengthening cooperation and exchanges in curriculum construction, faculty construction, academic exchanges, friendly visits and other aspects.Rizhao vocational and technical college [China-Australian Teacher Development Center] aims to build an international exchange and development platform, introduce Australian vocational education mode and resources, and carry out international teacher training and multi-layer cooperation and exchange based on shandong, facing the whole country and radiating One Belt And One Road countries and regions.


Finally, Dean Feng sent asked all trainees to cherish this rare training opportunity, strictly follow the training requirements, complete the training task on time, and strengthen communication and exchange with friendly colleges and universities at home and abroad during the study period.At the same time learning good, good communication, good cooperation.

Vice-president of Melbourne Institute of Technology

Timothy Gilbert ‘s Speech


Vice-president Timothy Gilbert would like to thank Dean Feng for his speech and welcome staff from participating universities at home and abroad. In the past few years, Melbourne Institute of Technology has continuously strengthened international cooperation and exchanges in many countries, and has visited vocational colleges in China for many times. Moreover, Melbourne Institute of Technology has a long history of cooperation with Chinese colleges and universities in vocational education, dating back to 1995. It has a history of cooperation with Chinese colleges and universities for more than 25 years, and has many partners in China.

As one of the largest training institutions in Australia, Melbourne Institute of Technology provides long-term services to Chinese institutions and industries. As vocational education teacher training is the strength of the school, it will also introduce the advantages of teacher training to China. At last, Vice-president Timothy Gilbert is looking forward to having the opportunity to visit Rizhao and other participating colleges for face-to-face communication.

Director of International Skills Training of Melbourne Institute of Technology

Janice Matheson’s Online Training

Janice Matheson is a senior teaching, training and curriculum development specialist and capacity building specialist at the Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia; She is also the Principal Trainer for International Teacher Qualification Certificate (IST) for Vocational Education in Australia.Member, AVETRA, Australian Institute for Vocational Education and Training Studies, Member, ILP,etc.

Janice started by pointing out that “Skills Are the Hard Currency of the 21st Century” and went on to explain competency-based training and training in Vocational Education (TVET) in Australia, which is a competency-based system.Vocational education standards in Australia are industry-led to ensure the transfer of skills and knowledge into the workplace.

The Australian National Qualification Framework AQF is both the vocational qualification framework and the national academic qualification framework. It contains all the educational level frameworks starting from high school, and clearly specifies the knowledge, skills and application ability and other standards corresponding to each level of education.The Australian Qualification Framework AQF was officially launched in 1995, which is divided into 10 levels, standardizing the qualifications of Australian school education, vocational education and training and higher education, and resolving the unification of the national qualification system and the mutual communication among various education systems from a macro perspective.



Janice also said that the role of Australian vocational education training package is very similar to Chinese syllabus, throughout all the coasts of Australia’s vocational education training institutions will use these training kit, various professional skills “training package” by the national industry committee, the Ministry of Education, industry organizations or enterprises to jointly develop, adopted by the national quality council approval and, after the national unified release, as the Australian vocational education institutions at various levels and of the basis of design and develop training courses and training institutions.The training package has three components: national qualifications, competency standards and assessment guidelines.The training package is evaluated and updated regularly to meet the changing needs of the industry and to solve problems arising from the implementation of the training package.

Project Director of AVEA

Robyn Guo Give a General Introduction to the Training Courses


                                                                               General Introduction

Module 1: TVET International Perspective and Thinking

Module 2: CBT: TVET Trainer

Module 3: CBT: TVET Assessor

Module 4: Learner Differences and Needs

Module 5: Working Methods and Professional Development of Trainers and Assessor

Module 6: Competency-based Training System and Australia National Vocational Qualifications Framework

TVET international vocational education teachers ability of teaching basic theory course from Australian vocational education consortium jointly Melbourne institute of technology, high quality education resources, and introduced a new teacher training programs, through six module, multi-level and multi-dimensional specialized training, the vocational colleges teachers to provide a full range of ability and comprehensive quality cultivation.

The training course lasts for 3 months, and the participating teachers complete all courses and assessment tasks. They will be certified by AVEA and get the International Certificate of Basic Theory Training of Vocational Education Ability Teaching Method.

Certificate Sample

The opening ceremony of the training and the first online lecture ended successfully! Meanwhile, 200 participating trainees will start a 3-month learning journey, and many trainees are eager to devote themselves to the module 1 course with enthusiasm and positive attitude.The Australian Vocational Education Alliance will also regularly organize online q&A and lectures to track the learning effect, so as to truly enable the participating teachers to learn, understand, and master what they have learned, and integrate what they have learned into their teaching practice, so as to promote the overall improvement of the international level of teachers in vocational colleges.

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